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What is Rahee?

Are you frustrated with the complete reckless driving on Indian roads? Rahee is a technological solution which aims to modify our driving habits and make Indian roads safer.

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How Rahee helps make our roads safer & air cleaner

Read through how Rahee aims to revolutionize law enforcement, make our roads safer and air cleaner without additional financial burden of hiring more man-power or getting expensive hardware.

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Getting started

Download our free Rahee app from Android mobile store and start clicking pictures of any traffic violation you see on roads.

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Become a contributor

No special commitment needed, just download our app and click! Join Rahee and help us making driving on our roads stress-free and safe.

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Submit a bug

No software is without bugs! If you find any bugs or issues in Rahee, submit a case to our customer support team.

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Share your ideas

Share your ideas to improve Rahee. Suggest new features, vote & comment on your favorite features.

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