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About Us | Rahee

About Us

Rahee is world's first crowdsourced law enforcement initiative.

Every Indian knows how dangerous and stressful driving is on Indian roads. It is not just the vehicle drivers, but pedestrians too risk their lives daily while travelling on our unsafe roads. Every four minutes a person dies in a road accident. And every hour thousands get injured. High levels of stress are causing increased incidents of road rage. And it is not just these deaths and injuries, but non-compliance of traffic rules is resulting in higher pollution levels. Delhi has replaced Beijing as the most polluted capital city of the world. Delhi’s children are paying the price as their lung capacity is reduced by almost 50%. Foreigners and expats are leaving our polluted cities. Chaos due to poor traffic management results in increased noise pollution too via incessant honking.

The single primary reason for all this mess is absolute lack of enforcement of traffic rules which has encouraged people to become non-compliant. From famous celebrities to high profile government ministers, countless people have lost their lives on our roads because we do not follow traffic rules. 

Rahee is a social technology start-up born out of this frustration while driving on Indian roads, and the absolute lack of apathy for human life. We are starting with crowdsourced traffic enforcement, but will soon cover other initiatives like public littering, public nuisances and municipal issues like broken roads, overflowing drains and other infrastructural grievances. 

A Brief History of Rahee

Everyone knows how dangerous Delhi's roads are, and given the sheer volume of the vehicles being added on the city's road, it was next to impossible for the traffic police to enforce laws strictly. Millions of vehicles, poor enforcement and lack of manpower resulted in absolute chaos with not only increasing road fatalities but also increasing incidents of  road rage. This was a serious problem screaming for an innovative solution. In recent “Mann Ki Baat” aired on 26th July 2015, Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi also raised concerned about road accidents and death of 4 people every minute in our country.

To tackle this issue, Rahee has created an integrated mobile platform which will use the versatility and scalability of crowd sourcing to "force" people to follow traffic rules and drive safe. The idea was is to reduce the burden on an already over-burdened authorities and involve people in helping make our roads safe.

This platform will be available in select cities across the world so that citizens can not only report traffic offences, but other problems like broken roads, littering, and other public grievances. 

Crowdsourcing with Rahee Mobile App

Rahee has a mobile app which users can download and then click various traffic offenses which will go to a central server where a team will process all the incoming offense reports and categorize them. The local authorities (for example local traffic police, municipal bodies) will be given access to these reports so that they can process each offence and send challans based on the photographic or video based evidence upload by different members. Based on the vehicle offense history, Rahee will also generate a score, a kind of a rating of that vehicle, which can be accessed freely to know how "good" the vehicle was driven. Later on, as a part of phase 2, we plan to collate all this data and make it accessible to the insurance companies so that even if the violators do not pay challans, that amount can be added to their annual insurance premiums and claimed by traffic department once they renew their policies annually. Also, insurance companies will be free to charge higher premiums to vehicle owners with a "poor" Rahee rating.

Our Vision

Our aim is to make our roads safer through crowdsourcing and involving general public so that no traffic violator can think of going scot-free and can be punished not only through challans but also through a degraded vehicle rating. We believe in transparency, and the entire process has checks in place so that "fake" photographs are not used to create challans.

To know more about how Rahee works, click this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I report an offence via Rahee app, will the offender get to know who submitted the report?

No. Rahee is perfectly secure and there is no option for the offender to find out who submitted evidence against him. Only traffic police or government authorities will have access to these user submitted reports. If you login to Rahee community, you can view only the cases submitted by you. You cannot see the cases submitted by others. This way Rahee is a better platform securing user privacy unlike Facebook where all uploads are visible for everyone.

I was wrongly challaned by traffic police for an offence which I did not commit. What can I do?

All user reported offences are first screened by the Rahee team, and then forwarded to the traffic police. Challan is based on the photographic evidence, and given the authenticity of the images captured it is highly unlikely you will be wrongly challaned. You can also report to Rahee team and share your concerns, we will investigate it and share the details.

I used the Rahee app to report an offence, but my photo was not uploaded due to mobile internet issues. What to do?

Rahee mobile app compresses and scales the images so that a smaller size image gets uploaded to our server faster without using a lot of bandwidth. In some cases of intermittent GPRS connections, the file uploaded may be delayed. We recommend using 3G to upload photos as 2G will be too slow.